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You lead an active life. You deserve to fuel your body with the simplest fuel, short ingredient lists, and tasty bites. That is how The Peach Brand was born. The Peach Brand stands behind the belief that if you provide your body with the cleanest, most pure food sources, you will be able to perform at your best.

Our founder and chief recipe creator, Maggie, has a passion for cooking and a love of fitness. The marriage between the two left her cooking in Lincoln Park, Chicago, crafting, drafting and tasting recipes on her old favorites. Healthy and nutritious do not need to be bland and boring.

Now The Peach, you ask. The Peach is more than just a delicious, juicy summertime treat. The Peach goes back to a cold February night on the day that Maggie was born. Her great-grandmother looked at her cheeks and jumped up in proclamation how she just wanted to take a bite out of those cheeks; they look just as plump as a peach! And on that night, The Peach was born.

The Peach Brand is a brand for you. Your children. Your parents. Simple, clean fuel. Ingredients you know and love. The Peach Brand is a brand to take on your picnic, pack up for your road trip, and toss in your bag for your triathlon.

Now grab a handful and get back on that mountain and conquer the day.

Maggie, Chief Recipe Creator

Maggie, Chief Recipe Creator